Men's Ministry

We were all made for community.
Discover ways to connect with other men of all ages and stages of life.

Men's Team 

The Men’s Ministry of CCEN seeks to provide various spaces and ways for men of different ages and stages of life to plug into the community and grow in their faith journey of following Jesus.  

We view the various components of men’s programming as interrelated layers, perhaps like a set of concentric circles. Gentlemen of all ages are welcome to move in and out of the layers depending on life constraints, availability, and interest, but we do encourage all men to get plugged in somewhere.

What We Do

  • Let’s get together and hang out! Time together, whether discussing Jesus or work, is important time spent developing relationships and building the body.
  • These can take the form of coffee or bar gatherings, game nights, sports outings, day hikes, etc.

  • Currently an open group of men are meeting Fridays at 6am.
  • We are aiming to have 1-2 shorter run (~2-3 months) book discussions per year, starting with “Gentle & Lowly” (Ortland), likely in early 2023.

  • These opportunities may look a variety of shapes, but generally they are small highly intentional and longer running groups that focus on a particular area of study or reflection.
  • If joining such a group is something you’d be interested in exploring, please let us know.

  • How can we pour into the communities of East Nashville?  In the past we’ve provided assistance to Corner to Corner’s graduations, and are looking to expand into other ways of serving.  
  • Often we seek out events or organizations that are already in progress, rather than building new ones, so if you have suggestions we’re all ears!