Community Bible Reading

Open my eyes, O Lord, that I may see wonderful things in your word.
Psalm 119:18

Reading The Biblical Story In Community

The Bible is an amazing piece of literature, but it is also much more. It is the living, breathing, word of God. It is also the great story of Who God is, who we are, where we’ve come from, what we were made for, what went wrong in our world, and what God is doing about it, through the mission and work of Jesus Christ. As J.R.R. Tolkien famously said: 

The Scriptures contain a story of a larger kind, which embraces all the essence of fairy-stories. But this story has entered history and the primary world...This story begins and ends in joy. It has pre-eminently the "inner consistency of reality." There is no tale ever told that men would rather find was true, and none which so many skeptical men have accepted as true on its own merits. For the Art of it has the supremely convincing tone of Primary Art, that is, of Creation. To reject it leads either to sadness or wrath. This story is supreme; and it is true. God is Lord, of angels, and of men--and of elves. For in it, Legend and History have met and fused.

At City Church, we believe the Bible is one great unified story that has been revealed to mankind, by God Himself, in order to lead us to truth, reality, and life. That said, we know that people can get lost and overwhelmed with the sheer depth and magnitude of the Bible. To read it all the way through in one piece can seem like a daunting task in our busy world. We also know how hard it can be to read through the Bible on our own without anyone to help guide or answer our questions.

For these reasons, and so many more, we encourage everyone in our community to engage in the wonderful adventure of reading the Bible, as a community. To help in this process, we work hard to make Bible reading a central part of life together. Moreover, we also encourage everyone take advantage of The Bible Project's many helpful reading plans, learning tools, videos especially designed to help anyone enter in and understand the Great Story of the Bible. Click the button below to get The Bible Project's Read Scripture App.

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