COVID Response

Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.
- Bono


Our COVID Team continues to meet regularly to monitor data from state, local, and national departments on infections, hospitalizations, and vaccination rates. We have also used CDC and MNPS guidelines to inform our policy decisions.

As of September 15, 2022 Davidson County’s Community Level was designated as “Medium.”

City Church's COVID Policy

(AS OF SEPTEMBER 15, 2022)

City Church is working to mitigate the risks for children, at-risk adults, and unvaccinated attenders in the following ways:

Ventilation/Air Quality
Indoor Transmission is a major challenge when large groups are meeting indoors. To mitigate as many of these risks as possible, City Church has a number of HEPA filters distributed throughout the Sanctuary and in all children’s classrooms.

Surgical or KN95 masks will be provided for anyone who requests one. All childcare workers (paid, volunteers, parents, etc.) should follow the decision-tree below, to determine their ability to work with children each Sunday. City Church will provide a rapid test, if needed.

Children’s Classes
Children will be eating snacks in the classroom. We will be contact tracing for each kids’ classroom. Please contact City Church if you or anyone in your family becomes ill by Wednesday morning following an in-person attendance of the Sunday worship service.

Do you have any questions about our COVID policies, or about COVID in general?